Sumatra Barokah Anaerobic Natural

Sumatra Barokah Anaerobic Natural

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  • Producer

    Barokah Cooperative

  • Process

    Anaerobic Natural

  • Varietal

    Andung Sari, Sigarar Utang

  • Elevation

    1700 Meters

  • Location

    Kerenci, West Sumatra

Oliver tasting coffee

Why Oliver Loves This Coffee

I hold a deep appreciation for coffee from the Barokah Cooperative. Located on Indonesia's westernmost island of Sumatra, this group of farmers contributes beautifully to the region's esteemed processing tradition. They employ a diverse range of processing methods, culminating in this exquisite natural-process coffee. Enjoy Sumatra's deep and earthy flavors while taking a moment to appreciate how seamlessly this coffee aligns with our stringent Fair For All standards.

The Barokah Cooperative reflects our commitment to ethical labor practices and uncompromising quality. And, this delightful outcome is a testament to their dedication, both to tradition and to excellence. This is, hands down, the best Indonesian coffee I have ever tasted.