Keramo Anaerobic Natural

Keramo Anaerobic Natural

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  • Producer

    Daye Bensa-Dukamo Family

  • Process

    Anaerobic Natural

  • Varietal

    Ethiopian Landrace

  • Elevation

    2300 Meters

  • Location

    Bensa, Sidama

Oliver tasting coffee

Why Oliver Loves This Coffee

Ethiopia stands unparalleled in the world of coffee, and our love for this particular brew from the village of Keramo runs deep. Its unrivaled flavor profile is a testament to the unique essence that only Ethiopian coffee can offer. Whether processed in the traditional Ethiopian style, such as the Natural Process, or sharing genetic similarities with renowned varieties like Gesha, this coffee remains in a league of its own.

What makes this lot truly exceptional is its origin at an astounding elevation of 2300 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest-grown coffees in my collection. Hand-harvested by dedicated smallholder farmers from the wild coffee forests in the remote Keramo region, these Heirloom Ethiopian coffees bear the mark of careful craftsmanship and a connection to the land.

The journey of these cherries unfolds at the Daye Bensa Keramo station, where they are meticulously collected and sealed in barrels, creating a controlled environment devoid of oxygen. This unique fermentation process, with the skins intact, releases CO2 through a one-way valve, lending the coffee its distinctive character. After approximately 3 days, the cherries are pulped and patiently laid out to dry over the next month.

My love for this coffee is rooted in the rich tapestry of Ethiopian coffee culture, the dedication of the local farmers, and the meticulous processing that brings out the true essence of the beans. Every sip is a celebration of Ethiopia's coffee legacy, an experience we cherish and proudly share with coffee enthusiasts like you.