Maunawili Oahu Bourbon Sparkling Natural

Maunawili Oahu Bourbon Sparkling Natural

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  • Producer

    Juli Burden

  • Process

    Anaerboic Yeast Natural

  • Varietal


  • Elevation

    150 Meters

  • Location


Oliver tasting coffee

Why Oliver Loves This Coffee

Maunawili, situated on the east coast of Oahu, is a captivating 80-acre research farm that has captured my heart. While Oahu may not be synonymous with coffee, boasting only around 175 acres of production, Maunawili distinguishes itself through its exceptional climate and its role as a vital research hub in Hawaii's coffee industry. Guided by our friend Juli Burden, who oversees the management and processing of these beans, my appreciation for this coffee has deepened over the past four years. Our engagement involves tasting and providing feedback on Maunawili's coffee samples to both the Hawaii Coffee Growers' Association and the dedicated producers it represents.

The latest offering we are excited to share is a meticulously crafted blend of Pink, Yellow, and Red Bourbon coffee cherries. What sets it apart is the distinctive application of a secret yeast, a process carefully designed to accentuate flavor characteristics unique to the yeast strain. The journey begins with whole coffee cherries submerged in water within a fermentation tank, followed by the application of the secret yeast. This anaerobic fermentation process unfolds over an oxygen-free 96-hour period, after which the cherries are delicately extracted from the tank and meticulously dried in a refrigerated room.

In my experience, these Maunawili coffees surpass any others from the Oahu island. They captivate the senses with their intense sweetness, vibrant fruitiness, and tropical essence that makes each sip a delightful journey. The dedication to craft and the pursuit of excellence in flavor make each cup an ode to the love I have for this extraordinary coffee.